Universa 500 Servo

Industries:Packaging, Print Media Industry
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The new UNIVERSA 500 SERVO is a hybrid that closes the gap between intermittent-motion and continuous-motion machines of today. It is the first time that a single machine can offer combined advantages from both machine types. One example is the film transport with vacuum belt that creates an even drag across the whole width of the film to form accurately dimensioned square bags. This delivers perfect packs that meet the most demanding requirements: high-impact retail packaging for software boxes, CD or DVD cases, praline boxes, books, magazines, and other high-value products.

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Kallfass has been designing and selling shrink wrapping machines for more than 40 years. Their shrink wrapping systems provide solutions for manual or fully automatic film wrapping and can wrap single items or multi packs, either fully wrapped or sleeve wrapped as bundled shrink packs.