Skyfall system with fully automatic infeed and delivery stations



ProMAT 2019, Booth S3953: Ferag AG, WRH Global Americas Inc.

The demonstration conveyor being presented by Ferag AG at ProMAT 2019 is able to simulate a variety of Skyfall applications in production and distribution logistics. Also, the Swiss firm Ferag AG is presenting the Skyfall pouch sorter with specially developed automatic loading and unloading stations. Both innovations are contributing to the automation of processes in Order Fulfilment. They are primarily of interest to online retailers and multi-channel operators, whose range of goods does not weigh more than ten kilograms. Amongst other things, textiles, cosmetics and food and luxury food items that have already been packaged can be handled mechanically by systems fully integrated with Skyfall technology: the items slide into the Skyfall pouches by themselves and at the end of the conveying and sorting process very gently slip onto the shipment packing table.

The demo equipment exhibited by Ferag at ProMAT in Chicago shows the potential of the Skyfall technology in pouch sorting. The SkySorter pouches, redesigned by the Swiss firm, have walls made of elastic synthetic fibre. They are designed to load and empty themselves. The stations for automatic loading and unloading can process up to 2,000 pouches per hour and per station. At the beginning of the exhibited line, which has a section that operates using only gravity to increase energy efficiency, the products to be conveyed fall automatically into the prepared pouch. At the other end of the course they slide out of the pouch – which is tipped over by a tilting mechanism – in a controlled manner and sorted according to various criteria.


The Skyfall technology is highly adaptable for many application areas, largely because the individual hangers can be used in combination with various carriers, not just pouches. Another application demonstrated in Chicago is car manufacturing, where hangers are fitted with injection moulded vendor parts for the interior and exterior of vehicles. Skyfall lines fitted with such hangers can be used like an electronic overhead conveyor for connecting different parts of the assembly process and as a dynamic production memory. The Skyfall shuttle, which will be used in this way, can transport weights of up to 20 kilograms.

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